The Art of 

Jason Wheatley

Born on February 4th 1973 in Salt Lake City, Utah, I was given the name Jason Andrew Wheatley. I have painted and drawn animals since I can remember and have used them as spirit guides to venture into the Aetherial realms. It was here I met a magical monkey named Tiku who has been my mentor and companion ever since. He has helped guide me through my mystic sojourns into the dreamscapes of my paintings. As part of the shaman's journey I laid to rest my given name as I was reborn and assumed the magic moniker tikunkit. I now reside in Sweden.


"Surreal Serenity"


 Anne Reed Gallery, Ketchum, ID



 Strychnin Gallery, Berlin, Germany


April 2011

Vår Gård, Saltsjöbaden, Sweden



Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, WA